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Open-source safety foryour organization

PrivJs mitigates supply-chain attacks on the edge and protects your organization from malicious open-source libraries.

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PrivJs is trusted by developers across several organizations.


How it works?

PrivJs acts as a security layer between your computer and open-source packages. We actively scan for vulnerabilities in npm packages and block them from being installed on your machines.

The installation proceeds only if there are no vulnerabilities in the requested package.

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Protection from supply-chain attacks on the edge

Open-source libraries are scanned before the developers installs the code. Imagine a world where $npm install always returns only the secure packages.

“PrivJS has gone above and beyond our expectations for a private registry service. They worked with us to craft a solution that is great for our clients and their customer service was fast and helpful. We're so glad that we went with PrivJS!”

Zach Saucier, CTO, GreenSock Inc.
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Centralized reporting and management

With centralized reporting you stay in control of all the open-source libraries being installed across your organization. You could also blacklist risky libraries as well as configure the level of safety for open-source packages across your organization.

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Super-easy setup

Just run two commands and you are all set. PrivJs handles open-source safety for your organization so that your developers can code without worrying about malicious software.

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Simple & transparent pricing

If you're not satisfied, contact us within the first 14 days and we'll send you a full refund.



Use all the features of PrivJs for your growing team up to 50 employees

  • Protection from vulnerable packages

  • Package Risk management

  • Centralized reporting

  • Tokens & keys

  • 50 employees only



Secure your organization of up to 250 employees with this license

  • Protection from vulnerable packages

  • Package Risk management

  • Centralized reporting

  • Tokens & keys

  • Up to 250 employees

  • PrivJs Private Registry

  • Priority Support

Single User

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